HopeBridge is a true blessing. Erin enjoys to come and play with her friends This is a place where she has found acceptance outside her home that has really broadened her world. Thank you to all the staff that works so hard.
L. Holt

HopeBridge has given me much freedom and a much needed break. Social skills have increased with my loved one.
M. Amick

I am grateful for a place like HopeBridge.  They supply transportation, food, drinks, entertainments, reading, sports, etc. to adults like my daughter.  Shana needs assistance with everything.  The staff is very considerate.  They keep her active in everything they do.  Shana feels she accomplishes things every day at HopeBridge.  I am Shana’s natural mother and recently my health has worsened.  I have had several surgeries and now I am also in a wheelchair.  At HopeBridge,  they get Shana involved in outings and so much more.  I could never do these things for Shana.  HopeBridge keeps Shana alive, emotionally, physically, and mentally.  God Bless them all.
Eternally grateful,

HopeBridge is the greatest.  It has been a lifesaver for me.  I have been able to do the things I needed to do without worrying about Kim because I know she is in good hands with the HopeBridge staff.  They are a God sent group.
P  Williams

HopeBridge is a true blessing.  Erin enjoys to attending HopeBridge and playing with her friends.  This is a place where she has found acceptance outside her home and it has really broadened her world.  Thank you to all the staff that works so hard.
L. Tate

Special needs caregivers need special qualities.  The staff at HopeBridge nourish, entertain, administer health needs, and most of all, give a special interaction through their attitudes and interest in each individual young adult they are in charge of.  Their dedication is to be commended.
S. Andrews

HopeBridge has served as a lifeline for our family.  The staff is professional and very compassionate.  It is a truly wonderful second home.

My son Lawrence looks forward every day to go to HopeBridge.  All of the people at HopeBridge are wonderful.  They are kind and helpful.  Lawrence loves all of the outings and plays etc.  We as parents feel good knowing our son is there because we know it is a safe place for him to be.  We thank God that we found HopeBridge for our son.
L. Curriale

HopeBridge is Steven’s family away from home.  He loves the activities, fellowship, fun and food.  We thank God for the wonderful staff!!
C Anderson

What can I say about HopeBrige?  HopeBridge was sent here by God for my family.  The staff found a smile that my child had lost.  Sometimes we need help and thank God for the staff for all of the help and love.  We love you all.
April’s family

HopeBridge is a God send for our family.  M son loves HopeBridge and has a close relationship with the clients and the staff.  It is so very evident that this is more than just a job. There is so much love at HopeBridge.  I never worry about my son while he is there.  I know he is being cared for and loved.  HopeBridge is so much more than a day care center- it is a “home away from home”.
S Sandifer

HopeBrodge has been a blessing for Beth and me.  The staff is so special, so loving and caring.  Beth loves going to HopeBridge. Her social life revolves around her friends she has made there.  When Beth is at HopeBridge I can rest assured she is in good hands and the activities are fabulous!!!!

Lew has been attending HopeBridge since 1999.  He was still in High School at this time, but the staff brought him in the summer and on long holidays.  Lew loved it right from the beginning and we felt he was safe and cared for. We hold HopeBrige and its staff in the highest possible regard.