HopeBridge is a medically based adult day services program for special needs adults.  It began as the dream of Randy and Barbara Wright to birth a unique place for this special group of people.A wonderful place they could go to socialize, play, recieve nursing support, and be recognized as and stimulated to be, fully the wonderful individuals they were put on this earth to be.

From the time one of our friendlly drivers picks our participants up in the morning till they are delivered back to your door in the afternoon their day is filled with love, structure, and fun.  The fun is what they come for, but what you get as a caregiver is so much more!  Peace of mind!  Knowing that your loved one is safe and professionaly cared for gives you a day free of worry to work, run errands, or just rest and rejuvinate your self.  The menu of services HopeBridge offers affords wonderful care.

Though HopeBridge is recreational in focus and is not a theraputical program in the purest sence,  the structure and stimulation of our service is designed to help participants maintian their independence and have an avenue to grow and express themselves.

Services Menu at a Glance

Nursing Services:  HopeBridge employees a professional nursing staff that includes an RN, LPN, Certified nursing assistants, and caregivers. Our RN and LPN medically monitor all of our participants.  Medication is administered according to your personal physician’s order.  Our nurses monitor blood sugars as needed, provide wound care, trache care, seizure care and supervise tube feedings.  They are happy to contact physicians with input that will help in facilitating medication changes and care.  We want to be a part of your team in getting the best solutions possibly medically for your loved one.  Though professionally trained in every sence of the word our nurses still recognize that a bandaid and a hug are often the best medicine for a bad day.

Assistance with Personal Needs- We are very particular in hiring our certified nursing assisttnats and caregivers.  A face to face interview with probing questions, reference checks, SLED and DSS checks, national background checks, drug testing, and a physical are important parts of the selection process.  We do our best to choose not only qualified and safe employees, but those who exhibit tenderness and a love for the special needs population.  These certified nursing assistants and caregivers provide quality assistance with our participants most basic needs in a dignified and professional manner.  Bathroom assistance is offered on all levels from total care to cueing your loved one of the need to make an independent trip to the toilet  to a complete hoya lift bed facilitated change by staff.

While encouraging independence in transfers and ambulation our staff are also aware of safety issues and work with the caregiver to determine the most appropriate level of assistance.  Our philosophy is the same during meal time.  Our staff are available to assist our participants on any level that is appropriate for their comfort, independence, and enjoyment.

Recreational Activities Wow!!!  Pazazz!!! Poppin’!!! There are just no words fun enought to describe the recreation program at HopeBridge.  From our annual Christmas Play, Prom, Summer Party, Carnival, and Variety Show to the Valentines Banquet, Mother and Father’s Day Social, and Thanksgiving Feast the year is filled with big events.  But everyday programming is a special too.  The calendar always includes daily exercize and current events programs to keep our participants on their toes, but the day also includes such things as arts and crafts, competitive games, outtings, parties, theme days, and entertainment from volunateers.  We have seen camels, zoo animals, bluegrass bands, Cocky, Elvis, local TV personalities, pastors, double dutch teams and many more visit our group just to love on them and bring excitement to their day.  We play hot potato, balloon volley ball, Trivia, bingo, Battle of the Sexes (to name a few) and have had King and Queen of Hearts, HopeBridge Idol, Art Corner, and Dance competitions.  Monthly we go on an outting together or hold a really special event in house just to keep things exciting.  We have visited local restuarants, bowling allelys, parks, the movies, and the Marionette Theatre.  Celebration is our first name.  We celebrate birthdays, peanut day, farmers day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, and all holidays and anything else that gives us an excuse.  Take a look at our gallery,  event calendar and activity blog to get a glimpse into the quality and energy of HopeBridge’s recreational opportunities.  We know you will love every minute- our participants do!!

Case Management Managing the complex world of an adult with special needs can be exhausting to say the least.  The last thing you need is another service involved in your world that expects you to make everything flow smoothly.  How many times have you felt alone in the struggles that challenge your loved ones world every day?   The case management staff at HopeBridge are eager to be the  bridge to your loved ones world at the center and you.  As soon as their initial meeting with you to begin the application process the casemanager begins to weave a plan to help your loved one be successful and happy at HopeBridge.  Getting a clear picture of your loved ones personality, strengths, challenges, and likes and dislikes helps us to form a partnership with you that will give them the best of all beginnings.  Case mangement continues to be your lifeline during your loved ones journey at HopeBridge.  We want to know how that journey is going.  If there are any concerns about our services or any part of your loved ones experience we want to know. Together we can work to make sure all of your loved ones needs are being met with quality and compassionate care.  Our case manager are also glad to be a part of your planning meetings with other services.  We realize that a community of care gives your loved one the best network to meet all of their needs.  We will be working with DDSN, CLTC, residential home staff, doctors, therapists, former school teachers, and any other professional who is a part of that community of care.  Working together we will provide input and service that will stregthen the support you and your loved one need.  In short:  casemangers are your advocates, advisors, and yes, your friends.  We are proud to be here for you through the struggles and the triumphs of your loved ones journey.

Hot lunch and afternoon snack HopeBridge partners with the USDA Child and Adult Food Program to offer your loved one a sodium controlled nutritionally balanced hot midday meal.   The meals are planned by a liscensed nutritionist and catered into our facility in thermal containers that allow us to serve lunch nice and hot.  Each meal includes a meat, 2 vegetables, bread, milk, and dessert.  USDA has strict nutritional standards that assure the meals are balanced and meet national requirements for 1/3 of an adults daily needs.  Menus can be supplied upon request to help families with diabetic loved ones adjust morning and afternoon meals to keep their loved one in compliance.  An afternoon snack is also served to help our participants enjoy and have energy for the afternoon activity.  Special occasions will take us on outtings to local restuarants and sometimes cater take out to the center.  Families will be given ample notice of these special times.

Transportation to and from HopeBridge HopeBridge is proud of its transportation and strive to employ the most courteous safe drivers in our area.  All drivers are required to complete not only Defensive Driving and CPR certification but specialized training on understanding and handling transportation and assistance issues with the handicapped.  Each driver must pass a vigorous interview process that includes SLED checks, driving records check, national background check, reference checks, and initial and random drug testing.

Our fleet of Goshen and Starcraft buses are fully equipped to safely and comfortably transport special needs adults whether they are independent walkers or in a specialized wheelchair.  Each is ADA approved and inspected by ORS a minimum of twice a year.  Ask our casemanager about a route in your area.  Oour transportation support staff helps to make changes and everyday operation flow smoothly.  We do our best to meet your needs and keep you informed everystep of the way.

HopeBridge also arranges some transportation through the DART service.  Our casemanger will fill out all the necessary paperwork to get your loved one approved if this a better option for you.  We will set up and pay for your rides and handle any difficulties you may experience.  This option allows us to have flexibility in times to help us better meet your needs.  An added bonus is that you can then use DART for your loved ones transportation needs outside of HopeBridge.  For a minimum fee you can arrange rides to the doctor’s office, movies, mall, or any other place your loved one needs transportation for.  Ask our casemanger about DART services.

All Starts Specialized Programming Specialized programming is provided for a group of partiipants with more acute medical and custodial needs.  This program is known at HopeBridge as our All Stars and they are each super stars in our eyes.  A special room has been designed to help this group of participants not only receive maximized custodial assistance, but to have a custom recreation program designed just for them.  Our staffing ration in All stars is      allowing extra staff time for total assists with personal care.  HopeBridge recognizes the dignity and individuality of each of our All Stars and provides a full time activity programer who plans a full recreational program each day and is activily involved in drawing in and helping each All Star to participate in the activity whether it is a balloon toss, hand over hand craft, or story time.  Comfort measures and stimulation are a large part of what makes this program special.  You will find the room seasonally decorated and full of music, color, fun, and of course lots of hugs and love each day.

Supervised day time care  Monday- Friday 730-530.

Assistance with and cueing for personal needs