The moment you step into HopeBridge you feel surrounded by love, care, and adventure.  That is because it has been purposely designed to be that way.  From the wallpaper and confortable furniture to the canopy of seasonally colored balloons that hang from the ceiling in abundance our staff strive to provide a homelike place that is stimulating and fun while accomodating independence and easy socialization.

Our activity areas allow for large circle activities that combine comfortable chairs for ambulatory participants along with ample space for those who enjoy the indepedence of their wheelchairs during recreational time.  Because we want all of our HopeBridge family to be able to participate fully in the fun, a sound system allows the activity programmer to direct large groups and to facilitate communication from individuals to the group during competitions and game time.  A large flatscreen TV is used for Karaoke and movie time.

The dining area in the activity room serves a dual purpose of a lunch and snack place as well as tables for arts and crafts- puzzels and games- or often just a place to hang out with your friends.  Lunch is served from our kitchen through a convenient window into the dining area.

The nurses station looks out into the main recreation area through a plexiglass wall to give the nurses a birds eye view of clients.  This office serves as an anchor for distribution of medications, hugs, and an occasional bandaid. as well as a quieter place for more serious issues such as blood sugar checks and communication with a participant who is having challenges.

All seven bathrooms are handicapped equipped with handrails and emergency bells.  Ample room allows the participant comfort in having as little or as much assistance as he or she needs or desires.

There are several day beds and recliners in the activity area for the comfort of participants who need a break from their wheelchairs during the day.  And bedroom areas for privacy in taking care of personal or medical needs during the day.

You may notice an area at the front of the recreational area set off from the rest of the room by a recessed wall.  You will also notice a wire running at the top of the ceiling.  This is a very important part of HopeBridge.  It designates our “stage area” where plays and talent shows and awards ceremonies take place.

We are very proud of our All Stars room where our most medically involved and vulnerable participants enjoy their day.  This room gets its natural light through a glass block window that protects their privacy and prevents outside activity from being a distraction during recreational times.  The activity programmers keep the room decorated seasonally to remind and orient the participants of the time of year we are celebrating.  Music fills the atmosphere for this group, and the staff client ratio stays at no more than one to five, but is typically less.  Hugs and one on one attention are a big part of the atmosphere in our All Stars unit where every client is our star.

We hope you will give us a call and drop by to see for your self.  HopeBridge is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people- we think you will agree.